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Our proven Google Ads management and optimisation service gets more sales for your B2B software business.

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We helped B2B business, Neighbourly, reduce their cost per lead by 74%

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We increased the number of calls scheduled by 13X per month for Funnelytics.

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We reduced the cost per hot lead by 4.72 times from paid ads for Naked Development

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High performance Google ads ready to hit your targets

Management. Strategy. Optimisation.

Client acquisition is key to building a successful business. When you can leverage the world’s biggest search engine and social media platforms to your advantage, you can attract more of the clients you need.

Web Marketer delivers on all the skills and expertise to transform your Google ads and social media campaigns into a marketing and promotion powerhouse.

We’re a small ad agency working for ambitious, independent businesses.

Let’s unlock the full potential of your Google ads together

We’re Dedicated Google ads specialists

For ad campaigns large and small, all your Google advertising needs are fully covered.

Now you can reach the people you need with ads they’ll be glad they found.

B2B Google Ads & PPC Provider

We’ll do all the hard work for you

Here’s effective PPC management and optimisation that runs like clockwork.

We’ll lighten your load so you can focus on your business with no distractions.

B2B Google Ads Agencies

We’re still working when no-one’s looking

Keeping your business firmly in focus

Our PPC teams don’t work on more than 10 clients at a time and we won’t take on more than 2 new clients max per month.

This sharp focus means we can guarantee you an excellent level of care & service. 

B2B Google Ads & PPC Agency

Informed insight leads the way

20:20 hindsight serves nobody. So you won’t catch us saying “maybe we should have done this …”.

We’ll keep a keen eye on the future, steer your ads away from any icebergs, and help you grow your business.

B2B Google Ads & PPC Agency

Responsive and effective Google ads to boost your business

Data-led reporting keeps your finger on the pulse

Our approach is task-oriented, process-led, and fully transparent.

So you’ll receive regular weekly pulse reports and detailed monthly target updates. No more being kept in the dark.

B2B Google Ads & PPC Agency

Data-led targeting drives your business forward

Change happens fast online, and we’ll make sure your ad campaigns stay responsive.

We work to strict monthly targets. This way we can optimise your results and keep your campaign on track.

B2B Google Ads & PPC Agency

No nonsense contracts keep things simple

Flat-rate pricing

(no surprises)

Our monthly subscription model covers everything in a single fee.

So your pricing remains stable. Now your ads can run without a hitch, and you’ll always know what to expect.

B2B Google Ads & PPC Agency

Short contracts, guaranteed work

After the first 3 months, your pricing moves to monthly rolling contracts on 30 days notice.

It’s a surprisingly effective way to grow your business.

B2B Google Ads & PPC Agency

Ready to work with a dedicated Google Partner committed to your business growth?

One simple click gets you started.

Our fixed rate, fair pricing guarantee

You’ll always know what to expect.

Short term contracts

Short term contracts

Short term contracts with no hidden fees. Starting from just £800 per month. That’s how we roll.

Fixed monthly price

Single, fixed rates fees

Managing your business budget has never been more important. That’s why every task in our PPC optimisation framework is covered by a single fixed rate fee.

Google Ads Agency for B2B

No surprises

You’ll never run out of hours, you won’t get charged every time you increase your budget, and you won’t be hit by unwelcome surprises.

Our golden rule:
Don’t be wowed by the wrong numbers

High lead numbers mean nothing. What matters is lead quality. Low value leads waste your time and resources. Worse still, the false confidence they bring can leave you vulnerable.

At Web Marketer, we want your sales team to enjoy the highest quality leads possible. So we’ll build you a strategy to make this happen.

Your data is the lifeblood of all your promotions. With our expertise, you’ll see your
PPC ads transform into your online acquisition engine.

Business to Business Google Ads Optimisation

Small, regular improvements = big results

We’ve repeated this success across a range of business sectors. Check these case studies for ad optimisation successes across the board.

Our pinpoint strategy helped drive 1,000 extra enquiries to a UK university.

Our expertise pulled back a 40% drop in monthly leads to a software company 

Our input generated more than £30k in extra revenue for a design studio.

Experts in B2B Google Ads

Don’t just take our word for it!

Technical experts and nice guys with a very strong customer service ethic

“The Web Marketer team have done a great job tuning up our Adwords campaigns to improve their effectiveness and cost-efficiency. They also helped us with two Linkedin campaigns. They are technical experts and nice guys with a very strong customer service ethic.”

Greg Lavery
Rype Office

One of the best, if not the best suppliers I’ve worked with

“Web Marketer are one of the best, if not the best suppliers I’ve worked with. They understand what we want to achieve and get results quickly with tangible feedback to action and take campaigns to the next level, not just produce report after report for reporting sake. They may wear shorts to meetings but that just shows they’ve got the legs to run with what they talk so passionately about.”

Stuart Williams
Ducere Business School UK

Absolute experts and really lovely guys.

“I highly recommend Web Marketer for search and social advertising, we’re getting great conversions in our campaign. Absolute experts and really lovely guys.”


The team at Web Marketer UK have transformed our business

“The team at Web Marketer UK have transformed our business. Their detailed analysis, approachable manner, vast experience and detailed reporting is impressive and we have been able to grow ow business in a way that we could not have done internally. We cannot recommend the team more.”

Paul Clarke

Mr & Mrs Clarke

Added an extra £270,000 to our projected annual online revenue

“Working with Web Marketer has transformed the way we think about digital marketing because we know we can trust our website analytics, and they can be used to sense check our decisions.

Off the back of the first of 6 phases of CRO, we have already added an extra £270,000 to our projected annual online revenue.”

Jacci Marcus
The Phone Co-op

Knowledgeable, adaptable and responsive

“Web Marketer has been intrinsic to the success of our start-up. Their knowledge helped us shape our offering and we’re now successfully working with them on an ongoing basis to build our audience. I’ve found them to be knowledgeable, adaptable and responsive, they’ve fast become a key part of our team and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to you.”

Ginny Buckley

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3 tailored high-impact recommendations. No obligation. Free of charge.