Who we are, what we do & why this is good news for your business

Why choose us?

The answer is simple. We do work that makes good business sense.

Whatever ads you need, you’ll have the full weight of sound business marketing expertise behind you.

We set goals based on commercial targets, not hot air. Our live data reporting holds us to account and shows you exactly how we’re performing. More important, everything is run off clients’ accounts – which means full visibility of every penny spent and full ownership of all ad accounts and campaign setups.

You’ll find us straightforward, direct, and positive.
We’re committed to doing the work and getting results.

A personal word from our Founder

I’m Louis Halton Davies, and I founded Web Marketer in September 2018. Before this, I spent 6 years as an in-house marketer and 3 years at an advertising agency. I found there was a gap between the service in-house marketers needed and what was commonly provided by agencies.

I knew there was a more client-centric way to run an ad agency. So I assembled a hand-picked team to get the job done right. 5 years later, our testimonials show we’re sticking to our guns and delivering on our promises.

What’s our secret? Transparency, integrity and excellence run the show. Clients trust us to do a great job running their ads. They know we’re proactive in everything we do, from setting targets to making things happen.

When you with work with us, you can expect your PPC workload done for you.

Meet the team

Our expert team has extensive digital marketing experience. We’ve helped businesses from a range of sectors get the best from their ad campaigns, including ecommerce ventures, B2B and SAAS companies, and Universities.

Louis Halton-Davies
Managing Director

Maelien Halton-Davies
Head of Paid Media

Joe Williams
Advertising Operations Manager

Gemma Tooth Phillips Campaigns Manager
Sebastian Kennedy-Compston 
Campaigns Executive

Our vision

Our vision is to make effective Google ads to drive your business forward. SMEs to larger enterprises.

Understanding your business and giving your clients what they’re looking for is the stuff that brings home the bacon. Running successful ads doesn’t work any other way.

Ready to take your ad performance to the next level?

Book a call with us to discuss your campaign and get a customized quote. We can’t wait to help you achieve your business goals through pinpoint online advertising!