GA4 Migration & Custom Configuration

Is GA4 giving you the insights your marketing deserves? Whether you need a simple GA4 migration or a tailored configuration, we’ll set you up with data-driven intelligence like never before.

Google Analytics Setup & Configuration Services | Web Marketer

Done For You GA4 Migration

If your website is nice and simple and you haven’t switched to GA4 yet, this is the perfect option. You’ll get everything you need to measure without breaking the bank.

All set up in Google Tag Manager for just £500.


  • Cross-device (Google Signals) configuration
  • Account settings configuration
  • Cross-domain configuration
  • Enhanced measurement configuration
  • Email address click measurement
  • Telephone number click measurement

  • External click measurement (domain & URL)

  • Scroll depth measurement

  • Conversions setup (telephone clicks, email clicks and up to 5 thank you pages)

If you’re looking for something a bit more bespoke…

Rocket-Fulled GA4 Insights (Without The Rocket Science)

Coffee Call

All good things start with a call. Even better when they include coffee.

This first call is a free, no-obligation discussion where we’ll want to hear all about what you’re looking to get out of your web analytics.

Strategy Session

During the strategy session, we’ll drill into what success looks like for you, so that we really understand the task at hand. 

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Website Walkthrough

Now that we’re all on the same page, we’ll want you to give us the guided tour of your website. This helps us know where everything is, what’s important, and what we need to make sure is being measured.

KPIs & Reporting Wishlist

Here you’ll share what your reporting looks like know vs. where you want it to be. This makes sure you get the best out of your Google Analytics. It’s important that everything is measured, and even more important that it’s measured in a way that’s most useful to you.

Google Analytics Setup & Configuration Services | Web Marketer

Google Analytics Audit

Armed with all of the knowledge we need, here’s where we start exploring. We’ll check all of the appropriate account settings, making sure you’re making the most out of GA4’s powerful features, and investigating what’s being measured, what isn’t and any scope for improvement.

Recommendations & Implementation Proposal 

This is the last phase of the discovery process where everything is wrapped up in a neat little package. We’ll share insights from our audit, recommendations of what should be measured (and how) and the cost to implement them.

Clear, Transparent, Visual Report Design

Speed is everything. Sometimes a visual graph can get answers much quicker than a table of data. As part of our custom configuration process, there’s always the option to visualise crucial insights. An optional extra or a project in itself, we’re dab hands at using Google’s Looker Studio to cut to the chase.

Custom Projects We’ve Completed

We love a challenge and have worked on a wide range of projects big and small. All of them resulting in huge benefits for our clients.

These include:

  • Setting up call tracking for over 3,000 individual telephone numbers

  • Engineering easily deployable microsite measurement for 175 franchisees

  • Categorising blog posts with enhanced engagement metrics

  • Measuring and visualising an online job application journey

  • Exploring and identifying the reason behind a 50% drop in monthly demo bookings

  • Deploying offline conversion tracking to connect online enquiries with offline sales

I’ve been working with ad agencies for over 10 years and Web Marketer are the best in the business. More attention has been paid to our ads and our data in the past few months than in the few years before that.”

John Driscoll – Founder, Naked Development

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