How this works:

Two simple steps to better-optimised Google ads


Ground work is key. So let’s kick things off with the best setup possible.

Ignition paves the way for launch with detailed research, planning and strategy. Streamlined and thorough.


Google Analytics Setup & Configuration Services | Web Marketer

Your ads are in great hands with our expert team of self-starters.

Optimisation drives your business forward with monthly targets and weekly reports backed up by expert data-led insights.


Engineering your ad account for better results.

IGNITION gets everyone crystal clear about objectives, campaign details and resources. Plus all important question of what your clients want from you.

1. Inception and onboarding

Meet with our team and prepare the ground for getting your project rolling.

By the end of the session, we’ll all be aligned on key targets, budgets and campaign details

You’ll also be introduced to your primary contact for the project.

2. Discovery and data gathering

It’s important for us to walk a mile in your shoes and understand what your clients seek.

So here’s where you tell us exactly what you need in a 90 minute introductory call.

We’ll identify the bottlenecks and golden opportunities tucked away in your data.

3. Research and analysis

Understanding your audience, competitors and market language is key to your success.

Our pinpoint research gives your ads more weight and clout.

Now your ads can attract more of the people you need and present a more appealing offer than your competitors.

4. Analytics and Tracking Audit

You won’t get anywhere without optimal configuration of the right kind of data.

This rigorous audit aligns your analytics around key metrics and puts Google’s ad powerhouse at your disposal.

Once your finger is on the pulse, you have so much more leverage and control.

5. Strategy and planning

Our focus is on finding the best approach to take advantage of your data. This way, you can reap the rewards of an effective campaign.

Cast iron benchmarking ensures your ads run with the best setup and remain flexible to changes and developments.

Regular reports strengthen your hand once your ads go live.

6. Setup and launch

We’ll optimise the ad structure we inherit from you using our proven TRACK Method.

You’ll see underperforming elements replaced with positive changes designed to make a difference.

From here, your newly energised campaign goes live.


Pinpoint tracking turns insights into action

Putting your data to work effectively is key to the success of your ad campaign. This is true for all B2B enterprises, from SMEs to larger organisations.

Our proven TRACK Method for optimisation leaves no stone unturned. All data insights are categorised into one of five different types of performance boosting action.

1. test

Rigorous testing primes your campaign to achieve better results. TRACK takes your campaigns forward. Hour by hour, week by week, month by month.

2. Remove

Weeding out underperforming ads and strategies will always save you time, money and resources. TRACK removes dead wood and boosts the impact of all your ads.

3. Add

Rigorous data analysis reveals clear opportunities. When deadlines and markets won’t budge, TRACK helps you discover new ways to move the needle right away.

4. Change

Simple changes to a few key clicks could save you thousands. This is especially true when ads are misconfigured. TRACK streamlines your operation so you see more of the results you seek and deserve.

5. Keep

Change is essential for business success, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! TRACK delivers a laser focus on what works. We’ll take the best of what you have and build in smart new solutions.

PPC Agency Testimonial - Jessica Morgan

“As a creative business, the technology and terminology can be pretty daunting but we knew it wasn’t enough to be creating great content, we needed a way to get it in front of the people who matter, for us and for our clients. Web Marketer are always super positive and have been amazing to collaborate with, as well as running our own campaigns for us. We’ve continued to have amazing success and frankly, what they do is utter wizardry! Nothing is too much trouble, even our constant stream of questions which usually start with.. ‘What does that mean?”

Jessica Morgan – Founder, Tiny Wizard Studio


Nothing stays still online.
So don’t settle for ads asleep at the wheel. 

Changes happen fast online. For marketers, this means instant data, rolling results, and constant prompts and notifications.

For busy marketing teams, this deluge of vital data presents a problem. You can’t ignore it, but do you have the time and resources to respond to it all?

That’s why we’ve structured our service to be as light on your time as you want it to be.

Marketing in the Metaverse | Web Marketer

From the moment your campaign goes live, you can expect a rolling program of action designed to ensure your ads stay in shape.

This happens without you needing to divert time or resources from the day to day running of your business.

Live ads never sleep, so you can expect us to give your ads constant attention.

Here’s what you get

Real time rapid response

We’ll keep your plans on track and deal with issues fast.

● Hourly broken link checking
● Hourly exclusion conflict checking
● Daily account bloat removal
● Instant alert response
● Responsive communications as required

Build momentum week by week

Expect continuous, data-led improvements.

● 3x weekly negative keywords checked & optimised
● 3x weekly negative placements checked & optimised
● 3x weekly first page bids checked & optimised
● 3x weekly bid ladder opportunities checked & actioned
● 2x weekly budget pacing
● Weekly progress vs target reported
● Weekly scheduling for custom optimisation

Actionable reports at your fingertips

Effective ads happen when you drill down on the data.

● Monthly target reviewed
● Monthly TRACK audit
● Monthly audiences review
● Monthly devices review
● Monthly locations review
● Monthly demographics review
● Monthly placements review
● Monthly experiments review
● Monthly ad reviews
● Monthly internal team teardown
● Monthly strategy calls

We would highly recommend the team at Web Marketer. They have been helping us with our demand generation, LinkedIn & Google Ads strategy and we have been really impressed by their strategic thinking, expertise and attention to detail. They’re also lovely to work with – very quickly building our confidence with their honesty, quickness to respond and willingness to help

Sam Wolf – Digital Lead, Neighbourly

Take your ad performance to the next level
from the moment your campaign goes live

From Day One, you’ll have access to your live campaign data so you can quickly check how everything’s going.

You’re welcome to contact us any time as your campaign moves forward. We’re proactive, so we’ll get right on it.

Ambitious businesses deserve proactive ad campaigns

It’s no secret that if you want to please your clients, then you must continually improve your advertising.

Times and clients change. So unless you stay flexible, your campaigns can hit the buffers.

Things also change for you as your business grows, and we get that.

Proactive ad campaigns demand rigorous optimisation

This is why we work to strict targets.

Now we can keep an eagle eye on your campaign objectives and respond when issues or opportunities arise.

We’re committed to delivering profitable ads and marketing that makes business sense.

Rigorous optimisation drives results forward

You’ll receive monthly calls to update you on results.

We’ll fine tune your strategies and implement changes.

Now you can reap the benefits of relevant ads with real impact.

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Transform your ad performance today

When your advertising depends on clicks, it’s time to hire a team of specialists with your aspirations firmly in its sights.