How we helped an app development company reduce the cost per hot lead by 4.72 times from paid ads

Mission challenge:

To get Naked Development more hot leads from Paid ads than their previous agency.


Restructuring their Ads strategy in line with their business goals.


In eight months, there was a 78.82% decrease in cost per hot lead

To start we ran our discovery process with Naked Development, where we ran through 34 questions in detail, to really understand their business and their needs. 

From this we then used our discoveries to create, implement and deliver a business focused strategy across Google Ads, YouTube and Facebook, with the key challenge we faced being how we would get better quality leads than the previous agency in what’s an expensive cost per click industry. 

We did this through keeping a focus on what was driving quality leads, instead of looking at all leads. How we made sure we were focusing on quality, was to clean conversions from Google Ads and Facebook Ads accounts to only the ones that were valuable to Naked development, as well as ensuring that we could link them back to the exact campaigns and keywords that were resulting in customers within their CRM. 

From this, we then looked at the CRM data, and what elements resulted in quality leads to make campaign optimisations from and remove any keywords and campaigns that weren’t working, as well as doubling down on the elements that were working.

I’ve been working with ad agencies for over 10 years and Web Marketer are the best in the business. More attention has been paid to our ads and our data in the past few months than in the few years before that.

John Driscoll (Founder)

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