How we increased the number of calls scheduled by 13X per month for a B2B SAAS company

Mission challenge:

To get Funnelytics more calls scheduled from Google Ads and to target a high 89.15% reduction in the cost per lead.


Changing the strategy and structure of their Google ads account from our discovery and audit findings.


In just 3 months, the cost per calls scheduled was reduced by 92.70%, whilst scaling up the ad spend by 3.79x.

To start, we ran our discovery process with Funnelytics, where we ran through 32 questions in detail, to really understand their business and their needs. As well as doing a TRACK audit of their account, which highlighted areas we would test, remove, add, change and keep.

From this, we then used our findings to create, implement and deliver a business focused strategy across Google Ads. With over 90% of calls scheduled coming from brand terms, the key challenge was to increase call scheduled results while including in non branded campaigns.

Funnelytics helps people get a visual understanding into how potential customers move through their user journey. Considering the platform is so visual, demonstrating how Funnelytics can help them would be an important aspect to get people to enquire. For this reason we addressed this challenge, through using a mix of visual channels including Youtube and Discovery, alongside Search.

We also implemented offline conversions, which with on site tracking allowed us to do online and offline analysis, to turn off the areas that were not performing, and do more of what was working. 

As part of campaign management we continually optimised the account. This included removing redundant keywords that weren’t delivering results, testing of campaign types to compare which were generating the most cost efficient leads at the different stages of the funnel as well as a/b testing ad text to see which version performed the best.

As a result of our strategy and through continuous improvement. In just 3 Months, we generated a cost per lead decrease of 92.70%, which was also achieved with a 3.79 increase in ad spend.

Mikael Dia (founder, Funnelytics)

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