Web Marketer Roundup: May 2021

It’s that time again – our roundup of essential content from May 2021. Bringing you our favourite industry news, advice and entertainment! So what’s been happening in the online marketing space this month?

From lessons learnt at business and marketing events, to new features in Facebook and Google Ads, and our founder’s interview as part of the Build Back Better #4TheRegion podcast, it’s been a busy month.

We’ve also been enjoying reads on affiliate tips, marvelling over the difference a good font can make, and pondering how evil marketing really is…

Digital Marketing News May 2021 | Web Marketer

Facebook Conversion Leads

There’s been a LOT going on with Facebook recently.

The changes to FB business suite, analytics being retired, and the carnage that the latest iOS 14 update is leaving in its wake.

So, if the introduction of Conversion Leads passed you by, that’s understandable!

In short, with Conversion Leads, Facebook have introduced a new type of Lead Generation optimisation that will sit alongside their current lead gen option.

Focusing on lead quality and optimisation over volume, you can connect your existing CRM or third-party lead source and let it do its job.

Our resident PPC whiz Joe explains more in his article.

NB – keep your eyes peeled on the blog.

Facebook Conversion Leads relies on the Facebook Conversions API – which we’ll be covering in more detail soon.


Facebook Conversion Leads | Web Marketer

Top 3 Takeaways From ActionCOACH’s BizX 2021

Our Campaign Exec, Seb, spent two days attending the star-studded ActionCOACH virtual BizX 2021 conference remotely.

With an enviable line-up of guest speakers including Seth Godin, Kim Scott, and Paul McKenna and packed with great value content, the two-day event offered a range of solutions and insights to help attendees grow and prosper in business.

Find out Seb’s thoughts and his three top takeaways from the event here.


Takeaways from ActionCOACH BizX2021 | Web Marketer

Marketing in the Metaverse

The world is going increasingly more virtual, and a surge in the popularity of ‘social’ gaming and virtual landscapes has seen people spending large amounts of their time on online gaming.

Why is this important for marketing?

Because in-game metaverses are arguably the future of the gaming.

Metaverses are the social spaces provided by online games.

They have allowed the rise of ‘ games-as-a-platform’ providing numerous opportunities for brands and businesses looking to reach the huge gaming demographic.

Do you think it’s the next frontier of marketing?

This deep-dive from The Drum is an interesting read.


Marketing in the Metaverse | Web Marketer

Takeaways from the Google Marketing Livestream

The much-anticipated Google Marketing Livestream saw the tech giant unveil several new features, as well as detailing updates being rolled out to existing ones.

The focus on privacy continues to be a priority, and the implementation of FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) – Google’s alternative to the traditional third-party cookie.

Other key topics for marketers included an increase in automated solutions, how to stand out in the SERP, and updates to Google Analytics.

If you want to catch up, watch the ‘on-demand’ version here. It’s split into user-friendly segments so you can easily find the parts you’re interested in.


Takeaways From The Google Marketing Livestream | Web Marketer

Inspo from a Marketing Hero

Who’s your marketing hero? And what makes a marketing hero?

Well, an epic origin story and some pretty staggering conversion rates helps.

If you were a music lover in the 90s’ chances are you bought a CD from CD Baby.

But CD Baby doesn’t sell CDs any more, and the shift to digital music provision was a considerable success.

Enter strategic marketing maestro Daniel Pascal who has in the past three years increased traffic by 30%, and overall conversion by 40% plus.

There’s a pretty damn inspiring read about how he achieved this over on the Unbounce blog.


Inspo From A Marketing Hero | Web Marketer

Google Ads Monthly Spend Limit is Finally Here!

Keeping a handle on Google Ad spend (apart from daily budgets and bid caps) has been a bit of a pain point for advertisers and marketers for years. However, in a groundbreaking move, Google announced that Google Ad’s monthly budget limits would be rolled out on June 1st.
Advertisers will be able to set monthly spend limits at the account level – a game-changer for those managing multiple campaigns under a strict monthly budget. It might not be the solution for everyone though – some of the pros and cons (and an overview) on the WordStream blog.


Our Founder, Louis HD On “Building Back Better”

Web Marketer founder Louis recently completed an interview with 4TheRegion, part of a series of online conversations for their Build Back Better campaign.. 

Louis chatted about how WebMarketer came into existence, lessons learned on the journey, and experiences of running a business during the pandemic – in addition to why he’s joined 4theRegion’s mission.


Is Marketing the Devil’s Work?

We loved this post from Rand Fishkin over on the SparkToro blog which answers that age-old question – is marketing evil?!

Marketing gets a fairly bad rep among consumers.

Particularly as people become more aware of the techniques and tools available to modern digital marketers – as evidenced in the chart Rand shared about perceived honesty and ethics in different professions.

Spoiler alert – ‘Advertising Practitioners’ came out in the bottom three, just above car salesmen and politicians.

There’s a reason we’re so tight on our three core values of Integrity, Transparency and Excellence!


Is Marketing The Devil's Work? | Web Marketer

Affiliate Landing Page Optimisation

If you’ve dabbled in affiliate marketing, have you thought about building landing pages for your affiliate promotions?

For content-focused affiliate marketers it’s something well worth considering.

Getting your prospects into a dedicated funnel can have a significant impact on your affiliate conversions, and can also push up the likelihood of attracting people who sign up for the longer term, or purchase higher priced products – meaning more commissions for you.


Affiliate Landing Page Optimisation | Web Marketer

Why Fonts Matter

There are few subjects that will cause more of a debate between designers than typography.

But the thing is, fonts (or typefaces) really matter.

We like aesthetically pleasing things, and the fonts you choose for your site and marketing have a direct impact on traffic, conversions and perceptions of your brand.

Think of it this way – would you buy something from a site that used Comic Sans MS as their main font of choice?

We didn’t think so.

Check out this guide by Leadpages on the perfect marriages of Google fonts. Even if you use another source, there’s some great inspiration!


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