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“We’re A PPC Agency With A Difference”. Every PPC agency says it. Give us this page to prove it.


Introducing Web Marketer, the PPC agency we’d want to hire ourselves. Run like an in-house team, with clear agendas and a dedication to performance.

Google paid search, display, shopping, YouTube, discovery & performance max management.

What You Won’t Get

There’s a lot wrong with the digital marketing world. Chances are, you’ve been burned by an agency before.

It doesn’t have to be like this. After seeing this happen time and time again, we realised something needed to be done.

Web Marketer was founded to put the wrongs right (there are a lot of them) and pave the way for an honest, responsible industry.

On behalf of our industry, we’d like to apologise.

Let’s set the record straight. When you work with us – you won’t get:

  • Snake oil salesmen – you spend a lot of time and consideration choosing the right agency, we do the same for choosing clients. We’re precious of our reputation and if our way of working isn’t going to bring you results, we’ll let you know. And why.
  • Set and forget – we check campaign performance every day, on a tight optimisation schedule. So you know you’re in safe hands.
  • BS and baffled brains – our clients are all human, not robots, so jargon is banned. People who really understand their craft speak plain English.
  • Yes men (or women) – our 90% confidence rule, where if we’re less than 90% confident something will work we’ll lay it all out for you so you can way up the risks.
  • Any ownership issues – we never lock clients out of accounts, so if you ever leave (we hope you never will) all of the improvements we’ve made come with you.
  • Doctored reports – our reports are automated straight from the source. So even if we did want to make results look better (which we don’t) – we couldn’t.
  • Fluffy vanity metrics – we’re laser focused on leads and sales, you’ll never find us painting a pretty picture with metrics that don’t matter.
  • Data black holes – not having tracking properly setup is inexcusable. Any holes in your conversion tracking are patched up during our setup process.
  • Complacency – when you have to keep chasing for things, it feels like you may as well do the work yourself. We get that. It ends today.
  • Guess work – everything we do is underpinned by your data, so it’s way more likely to deliver the goods. And we’ll know what to look for.
  • Cowboys & Charlatans – it’s easy to read a few blog posts and call yourself an expert. Your PPC campaigns will be run under the watchful eye of an experienced campaign manager.
  • Being passed from pillar to post – you’ll have a dedicated team. So everyone who works on your campaign will be familiar with every little nuance.
  • Pressure to pump the budget – we don’t charge based on a media spend percentage, and we do have a clear process for reviewing performance. Which means we’ll only recommend a budget increase when it makes sense for you.

Our Core Values

Web Marketer was founded to shake things up in a shady industry. Honesty is the best policy – that’s just how we roll. Here are our core values:


We’ve got nothing to hide. So we put everything on show. Know your spend down to the last penny, the number of conversions to the day and the progress to target by the week.


We’ve got your back. The thing that matters most to us is the thing that matters most to you. And that’s progress. The stuff that moves the needle and drives your business forward.


If you’re going to be fully transparent, you better be bloody good. We’re committed to continuous improvement – and we love what we do. When your hobby is your jobby, magic starts to happen.

How Is This PPC Agency Different?

All PPC agencies say they’re unique. So rather than just saying “we’re different”, here’s a list (we love a list):

  • Services engineered to give you back as much time as possible
  • Psychographic ad profiling
  • Daily attention for your campaigns
  • All changes logged in a centra document
  • Major changes split tested before adopting
  • Hourly landing page 404 error checks
  • Bid strategy ladder
  • Audiences, devices, time/hour of day, keywords and ads reviewed monthly
  • Proprietary tried & tested optimisation frameworks
  • Live reporting dashboard with 24/7 access
  • The best of human & automated approaches
  • Fair & transparent pricing structure
  • Dedicated UK-based team
  • No long term contracts
  • Monthly lead/sales performance targets
  • Weekly reporting
  • We’ll take care of speaking to Google Reps for you
  • Ad account bloat removed
  • Starting list of 192 negative locations (that we customise each time)
  • Starting list of over 800 negative keywords

Our PPC Agency Testimonials

Why Companies Hire Us

“web marketer has been intrinsic to the success of our start-up. Their knowledge helped us shape our offering and we’re now successfully working with them on an ongoing basis to build our audience.

I’ve found them to be knowledgeable, adaptable and responsive, they’ve fast become a key part of our team and i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to you.”

Ginny Buckley, CEO, electrifying.com

“As a creative business, the technology and terminology can be pretty daunting, but we knew it wasn’t enough to be creating great content, we needed a way to get it in front of the people who matter, for us and for our clients. Web Marketer are always super positive and have been amazing to collaborate with, as well as running our campaigns for us. We’ve continued to have amazing success and frankly, what they do is utter wizardry!”

Jessica Morgan Director / Co-Founder, Tiny Wizard Studios

“The team at Web Marketer have transformed our business. Their detailed analysis, approachable manner, vast experience and detailed reporting is impressive and we have been able to grow our business in a way that we could not have done internally. We cannot recommend the team more.”

Paul Clarke, Founder, Mr & Mrs Clarke

Our Specialist PPC Agency Process

Trust the process. If you have one. We have a good one.

We asked ourselves, “if we were an in-house team, what work would we expect to be done, when, and how often?”.

This question brought about our proprietary optimisation approach.

It’s how we keep your strategy on TRACK and your campaigns on their TOES.

Firstly we have a list of tasks that we carry out daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and every 6 month. On all campaigns.

Then we have our TRACK audit and our TOES review.

TRACK: Test, Remove, Add, Change & Keep. This is a framework we run in various forms every month. It keeps things moving in the right direction.

TOES: Test, Optimise, Evolve, Stop. These are the phases that every new campaign goes through. It has to pass through testing to be adopted into our optimisation loop. The best performers are then scaled. Campaigns are always under intense scrutiny from our ad managers. Any that don’t cut the mustard hit the Stop trigger and get turned off.


Improvement. That’s our #1 focus. When we get clients better results than they’ve ever had before, that’s what we live for. In fact, it’s what our approach is engineered around.

Keep what’s working, scale what’s amazing and stop what’s slowing things down.

Our reports are monthly snapshots, where we keep a monthly target and let you know how we’re performing against time, spend and results to date.

What Happens Next?

We’ll get you live within two weeks – no point waiting for the grass to grow.

Here’s how we do it:
Get to know each other with an introductory call
Terms sent & signed
Onboard us to your accounts
We’ll digest your data and come up with a strategy
Keyword research and ad creation is carried out off the strategy
Over to you for approval
Get ready for launch

Every client is unique, so we always kick things off with a call (which you can book here: https://calendly.com/webmarketer/google-ads-run-through).

This gives you an opportunity to make sure we’re the right fit for you, and for us to do the same. If we’re both excited to work together, it’s time to take your PPC to the next level.

Our onboarding call usually lasts 45 minutes, and in this short amount of time we’ll walk you through granting us access to everything we need. In most instances, this includes:

  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Website CMS
  • Zapier

Once onboarded, we’ll carry out our proprietary TRACK audit to identify changes we’ll make immediately. So that we have the most impact in the shortest amount of time.

Next comes the research. Based on our TRACK audit, we start researching the best keywords to start with.

Once keywords are researched, we’ll pop each one into Google to see what we’re dealing with. We’ll be looking for what kind of ads and organic content are showing on the page.

This is useful for two reasons:

  1. It gives us an idea of the companies and the promises you’ll be going up against
  2. It gives a clearer indication of the level of purchase-intent of the search.

We Should Be Your PPC Agency

Every time you spend money, you vote for the type of world you want to live in.
If you’d vote for more transparency in the digital marketing world, it’s time we spoke about your PPC campaigns.


Our Google Analytics Audit covers up to 57 individual checks (including 10 crucial ones in the downloadable guide below).