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Paid Social & PPC Advertising

As a paid social and PPC company, we’re skilled at finding and reaching the right audiences. Get in front of people already looking to buy in search or engage a much larger audience with social ads, video ads or banners (a little earlier in the decision making process). Let more people see what you have to offer. You’ll get more customers as a result.

How Does PPC Work

For PPC and other online advertising to really work, you have to nail the answer to one simple question: ‘what’s the main objective?’.

Calculating A Return On Investment (ROI)

Measuring a return on investment for B2B campaigns can be tricky. But it’s completely worth it.

Use these formulas to measure your B2B marketing:
Number of leads x lead to sale conversion rate x average order value cost of advertising = return on investment (to first sale)

Number of leads x lead to sale conversion rate x average lifetime value cost of advertising = return on investment (to lifetime value)

It’s A Journey

Every conversion is a journey. The more compelling the journey, the better the results. According to google the decision making journey takes on average 10.6 brand touchpoints before someone becomes a customer.


Pay-per-click advertising is when you only pay for the visitors that actually click on your advert and visit your website. The most popular types of PPC Advertising are Google Ads,Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads. Pay per click ad platforms rely on the use of keywords. PPC advertising works like auctions in that you bid on chosen keywords. Prospective customers utilize keywords in their search for the types of products and services you sell. So it’s always good to not get too creative when writing headlines and body copy instead, opt for chosen keywords.

Discover the best ways to reach your customers

You log on to your web browser to check out the latest news and see a banner ad from your favourite clothing store. You Google search for a new case for your smartphone, and up pops an ad for a newer version of your phone. You check out your news feed on your social media, and you see a stylish  ad for those shoes you’ve had your eye on… advertisers are increasingly making use of different ways to reach customers on so many different platforms.

From Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Spotify Ads, YouTube Ads, Bing ads,  Programmatic and Native, we can work with all these platforms and using our 6-Step Process we can achieve optimal results.

Our 6 Step Process



Working with our research data and our Google analytics audit, we have a pre-launch discovery process, that we tailor to your business’ specific needs.

Flying blind can cost you money, that’s why for the fastest route to results, we look at competitors insights, paid search keyword research, your advertising account and Google analytics audit, Creating your advertising strategy based on our findings.

We’ve got nothing to hide – all of our campaigns are delivered on client-owned ad accounts with client funded ad-spend.


Discovery Report

Your discovery report should include; where your audience is, what your competitors are doing. Including our strategic recommendations for what we should start with, why we should be doing it and how we should go about it.


Setup & Launch

Once your unique business strategy is signed off, you are free to design your advertising to drive traffic to your site.

We can help you structure and maintain your ad campaign within your budget.
Your campaign progress reports are sent directly to your inbox and we track your campaign from clicks to conversions.

Quality control checks carried out to ensure a smooth delivery throughout the set up and launch process.

We re-target your ad audience, all the while helping them on their user journey throughout your website and tracking your content engagements.
With each campaign we map out a measurement strategy according to your objectives.



The first two weeks of any ad campaign is the most intense, using aggressive optimisation, we throw everything at the launch and primary process to have a big impact.

We are objective led, always with the focus on creating conversions

We recommend call tracking, If someone dials your business telephone number after seeing an ad – you can’t measure that. It’s a blind spot. We can’t recommend call tracking enough, especially in B2B.

We’ll always share any ideas for converting more leads and we measure anything that moves!



Throughout the process we visualise, analyse, share data and work together with you, focusing on the prime objectives, managing the details and achieving the results.

Weekly Check-Ins – A lot can happen in a week. That’s why you get your insights weekly. We use the LION methodology to highlight what we did (and what happened as a result) last week, issues, opportunities and a plan of action for the week to come.



After the defined timescale we study the results and help you with ongoing process of managing your future campaigns.

To continuously review your campaign we build custom Google Data Studio dashboards that are populated with live data. So you can explore at your leisure any time of the day. All dashboards are fully interactive and act as a treasure map that can point in the direction of valuable insights for your campaign.

Get Your Account Graded By One Of Our Specialists Free Of Charge

With our fully transparent service, we’ll always flag a risk where we’re less than 95% confident your campaign’s going to work. Grading your ad account at the beginning of a new relationship will spark some great conversations…

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Our Google Analytics Audit covers up to 57 individual checks (including 10 crucial ones in the downloadable guide below).